What is the Settings File?

What is the settings file

The Settings File is a file that contains many, though not all, of the settings used by Déjà Vu to determine how it will work when it is used by a translator. The settings file is a Jet Database that contains several tables, used by Déjà Vu to store various settings and information.

The settings file can be inspected by any utility capable of manipulating Jet Databases, e.g. Microsoft Access. However, we do not recommend that users manipulate the Settings File directly, since any errors in the settings file can cause Déjà Vu to malfunction.

What settings are stored in it

The Settings File contains the following information:

  • AutoCorrect and AutoText tokens.
  • The list of Clients that is used by Déjà Vu in projects, TMs and TBs.
  • The list of Subjects that is used by Déjà Vu in projects, TMs and TBs.
  • The default configuration of the Filters used by Déjà Vu.
  • The default configuration of the Machine Translation Engines supported by Déjà Vu.
  • The list of delimiters used for all languages.
  • The list of stored SQL filters.
  • The list of stored SQL statements.

The settings file does not contain all settings used by Déjà Vu, e.g.:

  • The layout of the user interface.
  • The configuration of the spell checker.
  • Information about the activation of Déjà Vu.

What can I do with it

Having these settings stored in a specific file allows you to backup up these settings and restore them easily, it allows transfer your settings easily to a new computer.

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